Young Urban Christian Artists (YUCA)

Young Urban Christian Artists (YUCA)
Creative art and design programs for youth in the South Bronx

On behalf of Young Urban Christians and Artists, Inc. (YUCA), I would like to thank WellMet Philanthropy for the generous grant. Your contribution makes it possible for us to continue to strengthen student’s confidence and competency in the visual arts.



The Bronx

YUCA's creative art and design programs in the South Bronx expose youth to knowledgeable and supportive mentors and to a curriculum that engages artistic and practical skills and encourages collaboration with peers YUCA's flagship program is a social justice, art-making education program that walks their students, ages 15-19, through the range of skills and knowledge they need to pursue careers in the graphic arts. Students develop portfolios that enable them to seek employment in graphic design or pursue higher education in the visual arts.

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