Wellfare is on a mission to solve food insecurity by improving access to healthy food.

WellMet's funding support of Wellfare this year has been critical in accelerating our growth and impact across New York City. Thank you WellMet for your support, we couldn't ask for a better partner in this fight.




Wellfare is a nonprofit organization on a mission to solve food insecurity by improving access to healthy food in low-income communities. Last year, Wellfare launched the Better Box, the first free food program in the country focused on premium, functional and nutritious packaged groceries. Each Better Box includes over $200 worth of low-sugar, low-salt and low-fat products like plant-based milk, nutrition bars, flavored seltzers and protein-packed pasta donated from Wellfare’s growing roster of brand partners. Alongside the goods are curated flyers with nutrition tips, wellness guides and coupons. Every month, enrolled families pick up their free Better Box from a convenient popup distribution outpost in the community — no long line required. The Better Box is a more practical, efficient and dignified approach to nourishing food-insecure families, and is the first step in Wellfare’s fight against food insecurity. The Better Box is currently available to families living in select New York City public housing developments in Brooklyn and East Harlem.

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