Sure We Can

Sure We CanCans piled high
Presentation at the warehouse

WC was founded in 2007 by “canners” (i.e.., those who...




WC was founded in 2007 by “canners” (i.e.., those who collect cans to redeem for money) many of whom were homeless, and earn their way through this form of recycling. Their goal is to support and grow their Brooklyn-based redemption center. SWC serves about 300 canners, from a wide ethnic and generational mix. Our grant will allow them to accomplish their next stage of self-reliance by forming a coop, managed and controlled by the canners themselves.

For the first time, Sure wWe Can dared to hire regular staff. And some of the grant was used for facility repairs, expansion of storage space and improvement in the working barn. It came at a time when volume increased, and thanks to our money allowed Sure we Can to increase their working hours to meet this unexpected volume.

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