S.A.V.Y is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire young women to reach their full potential and motivate them towards excellence.

S.A.V.Y serves girls between the ages of 12-18 in middle schools and high schools through school based group mentoring. Four female volunteer team leaders are recruited and then placed with a group of fifteen young women. Group activities and meetings are always done in group settings with the girls and mentor team leaders.

The primary purpose of S.A.V.Y is to positively impact the lives of young women through group mentoring services, life skills training and theme based workshops. The organizations goals are to actively engage young women in arenas that foster a changed perspective of themselves and women, challenge them to think critically, instill life principles that will enable them to make wiser decisions as they grow through their various life transitions, encourage them academically, enhance their social development, guide them in professional exploration and involve them in volunteer efforts.