North Brooklyn Angels

Addressing the local meal gap through a community kitchen and mobile food truck
North Brooklyn Angels

We're humbled and deeply grateful that WellMet discovered our work, which highlights its core mission of supporting emerging nonprofits like North Brooklyn Angels who have the ability to creatively respond to direct community needs.




We are a 501©-tax-exempt nonprofit organization formed in December 2016. The Angelmobile, our 40ft mobile soup kitchen vehicle, started serving meals on the streets of Brooklyn on June 19, 2017. On January 2, 2018, we opened our community kitchen, cooking all the meals ourselves with volunteers. Since then, in the next 6 months of operation, our volunteers have cooked and served over 20,000 meals. Our organization is based on the idea that we are a neighborhood filled with people who want to work together to fight hunger, food insecurity, and poverty. We believe direct action by neighbors is an important resource in building an equitable and diverse neighborhood.

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