WellMet seeks to empower communities to take action and a leading role in their welfare and sustainability.  We strive to identify and fund organizations that are taking informed and measured risks to innovate, experiment and engage in finding solutions to New York City’s most vexing social issues.  Smart, courageous and creative leaders are the hallmark of our grantees and WellMet applauds their tenacity, initiative and commitment.

In today’s world we know that grit and smarts, alone, do not always move the needle.  Innovative organizations need funding and the legitimacy that comes with that.  This is the role that WellMet seeks to play.  

Through a rigorous grantmaking process, WellMet identifies New York City’s rising stars and gives them a chance to realize success with a one-time unrestricted grant.  We are proud of the impact we have enabled through our grantmaking and delight in sharing these quotes with you.

UpBeat NYC
Youth development through music training

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We thank WellMet Philanthropies for its support and encouragement of UpBeat NYC's free community music programs for South Bronx children and youth. WellMet's generous grant will provide support for the strengthening of our year-round programming that provides access to long term, high quality musical education for South Bronx children who would otherwise have no such opportunity.

Parenting and leadership development for teenage mothers and fathers

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Alex House Project

With the support of the WellMet Foundation, Alex House Project can continue to promote successful transitions into parenthood and reduce and reverse the adverse effects of joblessness and low educational achievement for low-income young mothers and fathers of color.  

Emma’s Torch
Culinary training and job placement for refugees

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With WellMet's support, Emma’s Torch will build refugees' workforce capacity in the critical early stage of resettlement, setting them on a long-term career track of meaningful work and sustained livelihood. WellMet's gift impacts our Culinary Apprenticeship, a 400-hour curriculum for refugees, asylees, and human trafficking victims led at our in-house restaurant. Through tailored culinary training, line cook experience at our restaurant, and job placement services, this apprenticeship prepares students for successful employment in an industry where their culinary heritage can be celebrated.

Therapeutic writing workshops for detained and incarcerated youth

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Prison Writes

WellMet's grant is a significant step forward for Prison Writes development. This funding enables Prison Writes to continue to provide writing workshops with our partnering agencies at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office and Bronxconnect Alternative to Incarceration Program for adolescents. Reading and writing are essential tools for success. We thank WellMet for this funding that will help prevent recidivism by supporting our participants educational and career goals through literacy development.