We are able to do as a group what we couldn’t do individually.” 

WellMet is a women-led philanthropy that meets four times a year to participate in a structured, research-based grantmaking process that funds emerging New York City nonprofits.  Our members nominate nonprofits for grant consideration, vote on invitations to apply for a grant, conduct due diligence and site visits, recommend funding and vote on final grants.  Each member donates annually to the grantmaking fund and we strive to give away all available funds each year.  


WellMet membership is impactful, empowering, enriching and meaningful.  In the words of our members, we offer insight into  WellMet Philanthropy.


Impactful:  Leveraging Your Philanthropy


At the very core, WellMet is an opportunity to convert your single philanthropic dollar into thirty plus dollars.  No longer are you an independent donor, but your donation is multiplied in dollars and elevated through its connection with an organized philanthropic giving circle.


Empowering:  An Education in Philanthropy and NYC

I have learned about New York City; what else would get me out to all of NYC’s communities?”

Through WellMet’s collective grantmaking process, our members learn the steps required for thoughtful and informed philanthropy.  In a supportive environment, our members ask questions and engage in lively debates about process, purpose and impact to grow as individual philanthropists and as a giving organization.  


By engaging as a  group in every step of grantmaking, we each learn about the varying needs of our New York City communities and the leaders who are tackling these needs with creativity, passion and understanding.  Site visits offer the opportunity to see first hand the diversity of New York City and the direct impact of our grantees.

“While we are helping small emerging organizations all over NYC we are improving our own judgment skills.”


Enriching: Building Community with Like-Minded Women

Not everyone is cut from the same mold as I am.  I think WellMet membership expands the way you think about and view things.”  

WellMet boasts a membership of over thirty women who hail from a range of backgrounds and across generations.  Our members are professionals in law, business, education, nonprofit work and philanthropy, to name a few backgrounds.  Each woman brings her unique perspectives and personal experiences to the grantmaking process.  We are united by our shared passion for giving and learning.  

“I made friends I would have never met without WellMet.”

“WellMet is a dynamic group of women who are changing the lives of countless people in our backyard.”


Meaningful:  Giving People and Communities a Chance to Thrive

WellMet picks out organizations that aren’t on anyone’s radar screen.”

WellMet prides itself on supporting innovative ideas and leaders who take the initiative to make a difference in their own communities.  We take pride in supporting New Yorkers who have big hearts, big ideas and take big steps towards having an impact.  For many of our grantees, a WellMet grant offers the only opportunity to take informed and measured risks to realize great rewards for their communities.  

“The grassroots organizations we support inspire and humble me!”